Guest Services

In September 2006 we installed a solar system to supply the electrical power to the camp.  We now only use the generator for back-up power and to charge the batteries when there hasn’t been enough sun to charge them.  Due to this major change in our power supply guests are no longer allowed to bring plug-in devices such as coffee pots, toasters, deep fryers, hair dryers or curling irons (or any other electrical devices that use a lot of power).  All our cabins are equipped with coffee percolators and stove top toasters.  Battery charges are allowed, we provide plug-ins for these on the docks.

We are trying to do our part to reduce the impact we have on our environment; helping to keep the wilderness around us enjoyable and habitable for all.

Make a Sand Castle
We have a nice sandy beach with a deck to relax on while you watch your kids swim and make sandcastles