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Here is a list of a few of the amenities that we offer here at Miles Bay Camp. Your hosts, Aleisha and Matt are never far away if ever you need anything.


Central Fish House

Screened in, 24 hour power,  running water


Plenty Of Dock Space

24-hour power on the docks


Weekly Fish Fry

Everyone is welcome to part take in an amazing meal put on by your hosts.

Fishing Boat

There are a total of 8 housekeeping cabins, some fully modern and some rustic. Each cabin comes with woodstoves for heat. There is a central shower house open 24/7 and cleaned daily. All your towels and linens are provided. Each cabin comes with a private outhouse. There is also a sauna that is free for anyone to use and every cabin has a gas grill.

Fish Hooks


There is live bait on site 24/7. We also provide gasoline on the dock as well as bagged ice for your convenience.

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